Terms and Conditions


to activate this site, BELBAQY application and its practical benefit and to show it utilize organizing aspects, the following terms means:

Company: It means BELBAQY company which owns BELBAQY application and website and service provider

 User: Any natural or legal person or any entity or institution of any kind or form that utilizes in any way BELBAQY application and website or any of its technical applications, including users browsing Electronic BELBAQY application and website and its content or posting comments, opinions or recommendations or any content on Electronic BELBAQY application and website, and other interactions with Electronic BELBAQY application and website, provided that having a mobile phone SIM.

 BELBAQY application and website: BELBAQY application and website means Electronic BELBAQY application and website owned by BELBAQY, through which customer shall Save spare money from all your daily transactions in points basis

Mobile account: It means electronic account of the mobile phone activated by the name of the customer with BELBAQY company, through which the customer's deposit, withdrawal and transferring operations are carried out. 

Electronic balance: It means the credit balance of electronic money units in customer's account concerned his/her mobile phone number. Its value of consists of deposits and withdrawals made by the customer on mobile phone. This electronic balance is transferable to any of other customers or service providers. It can also be used as payment mean of parties contracting with BELBAQY company.

Mobile phone: It means a mobile phone or tablet compatible with any of the mobile phone networks activated in Arab Republic of Egypt.

Region:  It means Arab republic of Egypt.

All terms or expressions that have the same meanings referred to above must be taken into consideration


The terms, conditions and regulation stated herein represent a contractual organization between company and user. It shall be deemed binding to user. Whereas, it regulates user’s utilization and interaction with BELBAQY website and its services, whether through website or electronic BELBAQY application.

The user of BELBAQY website and application acknowledges that he / she has reviewed carefully and fully understands all the terms, conditions and regulation of his/ her BELBAQY application and website use. He/ she shall be fully aware of all the procedures and measures of BELBAQY website and application disposing resulting from process of transfer, sale and purchase on BELBAQY website and application. He/ she shall declare complete care and full understanding of all specifications, data and information concerned with disposal of rest of commercial and financial transactions, selling or buying, advertising on BELBAQY website and application. The user acknowledges that he/ she has reviewed all procedures and all the steps regulating BELBAQY service. He/she has no right to object or retract any action issued by him during his interaction with application or website. He / she shall be aware and fully committed to all expenses and fees in all their forms and types, and due commissions. He/ she shall be committed to implement and pay such fees and expenses without restriction or condition. In case that browser / user does not agree or comply with, BELBAQY website and application, it will automatically terminate the process of registering on BELBAQY website and application. Consequently, interaction with BELBAQY project will not be carried out.

When the user accesses or browses BELBAQY website and application, or uses any of BELBAQY website and application services, whether fully or partially, the user agrees without restriction, condition, or comment to be abided by all terms, conditions and provisions stipulated. He/ she acknowledges his /her compliance with any instructions or directives issued by BELBAQY website and application, which may be changed, modified or updated from time to time at the discretion of BELBAQY website and application. reviewing any of those updates after posting on BELBAQY website and application shall be user's responsibility. He/ she shall review those variables and updates from time to time. User shall terminate BELBAQY website and application utilizing, in case he/she does not accept, making objection, or declaring dissatisfaction with any of these terms, regulations, conditions, directives or instructions and modifications or changes attached thereto or any of the services provided, without any responsibility on BELBAQY website and application. User’s access to activate the wallet, shall be an approval and acceptance of these terms and their updates without restriction or condition.

 The user declares that he / she meets all the legal conditions of BELBAQY website and application use. He /she has legal capacity to act and benefit from and activate BELBAQY website and application service. He /she shall have all the legal consequences of any action on BELBAQY website and application and its obligations and dependencies of any kind and form without any responsibility on BELBAQY website and application. Moreover, user acknowledges not using BELBAQY website and application for any illegal purpose. He / she shall not be entitled to post any advertisements, propaganda, material or any promotional content or other on BELBAQY website and application for himself/ herself or third-party or any party whatsoever. He/ she will only be allowed to legally access and activate BELBAQY website and application by registering with or without taking an action that may damage BELBAQY website and application or its reputation or doing any act that may damage BELBAQY website and application, physically or morally, harm BELBAQY website and application members. The user also acknowledges not using any inappropriate name as a user name on BELBAQY website and application.  The user, after activating his account BELBAQY website and application, undertakes not to grant it to any other user or person.  he/ she declares the validity of all data and information provided by him/ her, and it does not contain any fraud, deception, fallacies, delusion or violation of reality.  He/ she shall be solely owner of mobile phone number, e-mail subject of dealing with BELBAQY service. He/ she shall be fully responsible for such subjects of dealing of all its forms and kinds. BELBAQY website and application has the right to prevent the subscription or use of any person or user who provided information or data contrary to foregoing, whether personal or Invalid payment methods information and data, or for any other reasons of any kind, content or form. 

The user acknowledges that he has written accurate, complete and current data and information in his account on the site and on BELBAQY application. If the user failed to commit to writing correct, accurate, complete and current data or information, it may result in his inability to benefit from the services of the site and BELBAQY application, ban, delete or close the account from the site accepted and BELBAQY application, while preserving all rights of the site and BELBAQY application.

Registering the user’s account on (BELBAQY) website and application may require providing some personal information to (BELBAQY) website and application, such as name, address, phone number, gender, age, identification number or any of the data, information, documents or permits necessary to complete the user registration process and activate his membership on the site and BELBAQY application as bidder.

 The user of (BELBAQY ) website and application acknowledges of his commitment to all Egyptian laws and public morals and not violating any of them and not doing - for example, but not limited to - any act, behavior, saying, hint or sign that involves threatening, insulting and slander, Harassment of all kinds and forms, defamation, intimidation, disrespect or appreciation of the privacy of others or their rights, hatred, ethnicity, contempt for religions or anything related to money laundering or gambling and other behaviors, actions, words or insinuations that violate the laws and public morals of any kind or content, and that he bears all responsibility for his use of (BELBAQY ) website and application, and he is fully responsible for all actions that take place from or on his account on (BELBAQY ) website and application  

The mobile phone account must be linked to a mobile phone line for mobile phone networks active in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and this line is in the actual possession of the customer, and (1) no user has the right to obtain more than one membership within the site where the right is limited to the use of the service by only one customer, and the customer is obligated not to allow or enable any other person to use or benefit from it.

 For BELBAQY application without notifying the site. (BELBAQY) website and application has the right to delete any membership of a member who did not announce it, and without explaining any reasons.  

BELBAQY company has the right to review and approve the customer’s request to subscribe to the service of BELBAQY, as well as it has the right to comprehensive control over financial operations and to ensure their compliance with the rules issued by the official authorities in the country and to ensure the safety of use in accordance with the provisions and Egyptian laws regulating this at any time during the service period.

(BELBAQY ) website and application have the right to delete, prevent or delete any directed customer or user to participate in any of the services of BELBAQY  application, or cancel, delete or refuse operations, if he violates the laws, controls, terms and conditions of the site and BELBAQY  application, or use a fake credit card or payment method, or it has been proven that it was deposited from more than one account or any other reason  in accordance with the strategy of the site and BELBAQY  application , without prior warning or alert, while preserving all rights of (BELBAQY ) website and application.

 Each user of (BELBAQY) website and application acknowledges and agrees that the site and application are not responsible or a party of all transactions, operations and actions that take place on (BELBAQY) website and application, or any of its effects and legal transactions. (BELBAQY) website and application shall have no responsibility towards any party in relation to these transactions and auctions or towards any comments, opinions, recommendations or any communication or messages between the users of (BELBAQY) website and application of any kind, content or image and that their use of (BELBAQY) website and application or electronic applications as they are done on their own responsibility without any responsibility on the site and BELBAQY application.

(BELBAQY) website and application have the right to place any advertising content or marketing or informational material, whatever its image or type, for itself or for others or any party (BELBAQY) website and application. Neither user nor any party has the right to object to this or to return to (BELBAQY) website and application of any claim, whatever its content or type. 

The consent of (BELBAQY) website and application to the user’s access to (BELBAQY) website and application and the use of its services is a limited, revocable and non-exclusive license where (BELBAQY) website and application have the right to cancel it according to the strategy and discretion of the company without the user having the right to refer to (BELBAQY) website and application with any claim or question of any kind or its content.

The user of (BELBAQY) website and application acknowledges and agrees absolutely and unconditionally that the content of (BELBAQY) website and application and what it contains from the existing materials and components of it or electronic  applications are owned and licensed to (BELBAQY ) website and application and are subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under the laws of Egyptian and international treaties and agreements, including, but not limited, text, software, writing, graphics, images, sounds, music, video, interactive features, trademarks, service marks, logos and other materials, and accordingly the user or any party is not entitled, when using (BELBAQY ) website and application, to violate those rights, copying, duplicating, reproducing, displaying, using, broadcasting, distributing the service or its derivative, not even using any of (BELBAQY) website and application and that the user is only entitled to use the content intended only for the use of registrants of the (BELBAQY) website and application, with the same conditions and controls referred to previously.

The user may not perform any action to interfere or try to interfere in (BELBAQY) website and application software, its operation method, or any application affiliated to (BELBAQY) website and application,  Perform any implementation or reverse engineer works, reverse combination, dismantling, or any other action by which a source Code, mathematical formulas, or processor, in regard to the computer software used in the infrastructure and operations that are related to (BELBAQY) website and application, may be discovered.  

(BELBAQY) website and application is obligated to protect any personal information provided by the user during registration at (BELBAQY) website and application; it is also obligated to take all security procedures in its regard; therefore, generally, all the information and data related to (BELBAQY) website and application users are included in the full privacy, especially, all the transactions or the financial transactions on (BELBAQY) website and application are protected against theft; as (BELBAQY) website and application is protected and it activates the newest encryption and security mechanisms and protocols; the information shall only be used for service of (BELBAQY ) website and application, such as Visitors statistics; (BELBAQY ) website and application may use it in its promotional campaigns, as well as some activities and Images may be used on our social media websites, (BELBAQY) website and application, or the technical application.        

Although (BELBAQY) website and application took all the procedures protecting its self and its users from any hacking, attacking harmful technology or mechanisms, or from being exposed to any inappropriate action, deed, or transaction, the user is fully aware and declare that in the event of exposure to any of the above damages, he may not claim or inquire (BELBAQY) website and application of any legal rights indemnities, and that he has ceded such claims and inquiries. The user also acknowledges that he won't refer back on (BELBAQY) website and application, its company, and the sister and subsidiary companies, or the designated/non-designated successors, assignees, Directors, employees, agents, and service providers, with any claims, inquiries, or cases as a result of any damage, loss, coasts, or debts and expanses that may result from using (BELBAQY) website and application, as (BELBAQY) website and application shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, private, or affiliate that may be incurred on the user as a result of using (BELBAQY ) website and application, and (BELBAQY) shall not be liable for any loses or damages incurred on the client due to any error of misuse of the service or as a result of a defect that may happen to the service due to a mistake from his side, due to insufficient balance in his mobile connected account, or for any other reason attributed to the client. (BELBAQY) shall not be liable for any dysfunction in the computer systems or the communication networks related to the service, even if (BELBAQY) was notified of the possibility of its occurrence.  

In the event the mobile of the client was stolen, lost, or hacked by others, and a transaction was performed on his account by a third party through the phone, the client shall be completely responsible for the consequences, and the client shall immediate change the password of his account at  (BELBAQY ), and deactivate immediately through the customer service numbers.

(BELBAQY) website and application shall not incur any liability of any kind or content for any violation of printing and publishing rights, or others of intellectual property rights resulted from the goods, products, or transactions of the user and any of the material published, transferred, or traded through (BELBAQY) website and application or any applications, or comments on (BELBAQY) website and application by the users or any other parties.

 (BELBAQY) website and application is not responsible for the inspection or examination for the item, product, or material, subject of the user's transaction.   Whereas the inspection, examination, and purchase acceptance burden are under the liability of the users of (BELBAQY) website and application, and the user acknowledges that he inspected and examined the item, product, or the material completely and made sure it meets the standards and accepted it in its condition.

(BELBAQY ) website and application shall not be guarantor or liable for any of these items, products, or materials, subject of the user's transactions, as the burden of this guarantee and all the legal liabilities, whatever the kind or content, shall be on the supplier, with no liability on (BELBAQY ) website and application; therefore, in the event any of these items, products, or materials was violating law, banned, does not meet its regulating conditions, or any default or issue occurred in it, the full responsibility shall be on the supplier with no liability on (BELBAQY ) website and application.   

 (BELBAQY) shall be entitled to amend any terms and provisions regulating providing the service at any time in the manner suitable for the company's policy, provided that this amendment shall be declared on the electronic website to the company.

In case that there is technical or artificial problem which faced one user during using (BELBAQY) website and application, during using the website, the user shall inform the website`s administration once the issue occurred. The administration shall work hard to solve the issue as soon as possible. The application shall not be liable for any responsibility in the event that the application or the website stopped working, until the issue is solved, the user acknowledges not to refer back on the application with any compensation for any damage resulting from the issue.

In case of any technical issue occurred that is unable to be controlled in the (BELBAQY) website and application, the application has the right to close and stop the application and website until the issue is fixed and the application, when applicable, will contact the users and inform them with technical issue and the resulting.

(BELBAQY) website and application may stop the validity of the application without the need to say reasons, (BELBAQY) website and application may refuse implementing any of the instructions of the client with no reasons, when necessary.

(BELBAQY) website and application may assign a third party   to implement some or all the missions or the commitments that is on its liability, subject to providing the service according to provisions and terms of using the service, providing that (BELBAQY) shall be fully responsible before client and user to preserve the confidentiality of the client's information and all its accounts, as well as being liable for any defaults or negligence the second party may perform. (BELBAQY) preserves his right to impose any additional fees or to cancel it, at any time, according to the website strategy and its recognition, the fees may also be revised or changed any time with no need for user's consent, according to declaration announced on the website. The burden of following up on any of the above on the user, as he acknowledges and confirms to do the continues effort to follow up on the changes that may be announced on (BELBAQY) website and application.

(BELBAQY) shall have the right to modify the maximum limit of the withdrawal and payments, according to it thinks suitable for the company policy, and it shall be announced on the company's website.

The controls, terms and conditions contained in this agreement and the rights or licenses it may contain for the user are an obligation on the user that the user is not entitled to, and the user may not assign them to transfer them to others.

In the event that the user has any comments, inquiries, or problems about any of the services of (BELBAQY) website and application, or if he encounters any technical problem, he can communicate with (BELBAQY) website and application by e-mail or by phone number +2011-011-646-10 Providing that the response on these inquiries may be as soon as possible.

(BELBAQY) or any other party it authorizes or assigns with the implementation of any of its obligations under this agreement, shall have the right to record and keep the phone calls received on the phone numbers designated for customer service.

The Client of (BELBAQY) may have the right to, at any time, close his account with (BELBAQY) and retrieve the cash that corresponds to his electronic balance by contacting the customer service center located in the application and submitting a request to cancel the account, (BELBAQY) shall be committed to cancel the mobile phone account and refund the money of the client during. days from the date of submitting the cancellation request.


The relationship between (BELBAQY) website and application and users is regulated by Egyptian laws, and the Cairo courts are competent to consider and adjudicate any dispute that may arise - God forbid, between (BELBAQY) website and application and any of the users.

The failure of (BELBAQY) website and application of implementing any of the terms, disciplines and conditions or any of the rights shall not be considered a waiver thereof. In the event that any of the terms was invalid, unenforceable, illegal or unenforceable, the validity, legality and implementation of the rest of the terms, conditions and disciplines shall not be affected as they remain valid and enforceable.

All transactions made through (BELBAQY) website and application shall be through a mobile phone number inside the Arab Republic of Egypt only and in the local currency.

The Arabic language is the authorized language for use of the services of (BELBAQY) website and application, and all transactions that emerge from it, whatever their type or content, and if there is any conflict between the Arabic and foreign text, the Arabic Text Shall be used.

These terms, conditions, disciplines and other instructions or directives that are published on (BELBAQY) website and application represent the complete and exclusive agreement between the users and (BELBAQY) website and application, and that these terms, disciplines and conditions govern their use of (BELBAQY) website and application services, and that - those conditions - completely cancel any Previous agreements, understandings or negotiations of any kind or content.